Sellers Home Closing Costs

Sellers Home Closing Costs

The Costs of Selling a Home In Toronto

For anybody considering selling their home in Toronto, costs absolutely turns into an important component. Ordinarily when individuals think about the real estate market, they think about the expense for a potential purchaser. In any case, sellers should be aware of all the costs when selling a home. If this is your first time selling a home this will prepare you with the costs of your home sale

Expenses of Selling A Home In Toronto

When you sell a condo, any unpaid maintenance expenses must be paid up to date. Likewise, on the off chance that you have liens on your property, you must pay to have them discharged. Real estate taxes with the city will be paid up to date as well.

Mortgage Costs

In the event that you offer your home before you have paid off your mortgage, you will be in charge of a mortgage discharge fee of around $500 paid to the bank. If you have “closed” type mortgage, your bank may require you to pay prepayment charges, which can equal to a few months’ mortgage payments. These payments are calculated from the number of years left to pay, and the interest rate. If by chance you are purchasing an another home, and the mortgage amount is similar, you could transfer your existing mortgage to the new property.

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A typical home sale costs between 3.5 – 6% (plus H.S.T.) of the home sale price. This amount is split between the listing brokerage and the cooperating brokerage. Typically 2.5% is offered to the cooperating brokerage and the remainder goes to the listing brokerage.

Taxes and Legal Fees

These include legal registration fees, cost of disbursements, and lawyer’s charges. Lawyer’s charges are typically $1000. You will also pay capital gains tax on your income tax return if the property is not your primary residence.

Closing Costs

There will be costs to stay in the home until the home closes, typically the duration of this time is 30 days to 90 days after a firm deal is agreed upon.
You may pay to have your utilities disconnected, or transferred to your new residence prior to moving. These can include hydro, gas, telephone, cable TV, and water services.

Moving Expenses

You must factor in the expense of moving to your new home also. Professional movers cost between $600 – $1000.