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The Most Important Step to Treating Stains That Everyone Forgets


Laundry. You either love doing it or loathe it with a passion. As far as chores go, it’s really just tossing it into a machine that does all the work so why all the hate? Really, though, your beloved washing machine shouldn’t be doing everything. There are some things you can be doing to help the process along and make your clothes not only smell but look their best and brightest.

So whether you dread laundry day or it can’t come fast enough, we have one very important tip to share which you might not be doing or forgetting to do: pre-treating stains.

If it’s a spray, gel stick, foam or liquid gel that floats your boat (or all of the above, we won’t judge!), OxiClean offers several options. But that’s not all. OxiClean’s White Revive stain remover products — which come in powder, liquid and paks — keep your whites looking white longer, thanks to their Wow White Technology. See, we can tell you’re looking forward to doing your next loads already.

Here are the basic rules to pre-treating stains:

1. If possible, act quickly.

2. Always blot liquids with a white cloth

3. Work from the outside in; you don’t want to spread the stain further

4. Scoop up solids that may have formed during the blotting process

5. Use your favourite OxiClean stain fighter

– OxiClean MaxForce Spray, for your toughest dried-in stains

– OxiClean MaxForce Gel Stick Pre-Treater, gently but effectively breaks down tough stains

– OxiClean MaxForce Foam Laundry Pre-Treater, turns into a liquid that penetrates fibres and breaks stain bonds

– OxiClean Colour Shield Laundry Stain Remover Liqui-Gel, dubbed the “ultimate pre-treater and in-washer booster,” it lifts stains out while leaving whites whiter and colours brighter

6. Toss in the washer and walk away and do whatever you want for the next hour or so

The faster you catch a stain, the better chance you have at eliminating it entirely. And by using OxiClean’s Pre-Treater and White Revive products, your odds for stain elimination and laundry domination just got a whole lot better.
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